Who’s Who

Been a rough few years, looked up to God prayed that he remove the enemies from my life;
And before you it, I started losing friends, left and right, it just don’t feel right;
You believe in these people around you, and they succeed an then you just ain’t shit no more;
Then when your falling down there’s no one around, then they still expect everything from you;
Now I just say fuck’em, and think ain’t it funny how shit change around.



Deep In The Streets.

Looking lean, very clean, stacked up;
Coming home in the morning, girl sitting the all shocked up saying baby, where the hell you been, saying I was being mean, riding through the hood, making it rain;
She smiles, saying that’s my boo, but you see that glance in her eyes, telling you she dying inside;
She love, she die for me, but she killing herself worrying about me, love her too and she my god damn ride and die girl, but hell, why I got to make her die inside;
Saying it’s KiNG from da da block, she saying I want that romantic young boy I fell in love with from da da country;
But I am like damn girl, I love this luxury and us hittin’ club 50k deep, but she saying what happens when our little or boy girl come, what happens to KiNG from da da block, I’m like shit girl, you legit;
She just grab me, whispering boo, I love you even if you deep in the streets, but I want you back in reality, holding it legit;
Then I hit block looking crispy and clean but I am like damn, who am I really, it’s hard when you don’t know who you are, where you going to school, and all else fails except the block you running.