Relationships are knowledge, not regrets

We go back to the past, we look at all that happened, you know I had a few girls, had some heartbreaks, had some confused times;
Most times we felt like we don’t wanna neva end, but what could have we done, we was just young, look at it now it was just like our life just began;
We moved on, but I bet you still reminiscing, and I ain’t going to lie, I still do, but as I reflect there was mistakes that were made, and we have learned, made us who we are today;
No matter who we all with, all I just want to shout is want to see you all happy with no matter who you with, got hurt bad and I don’t regret it it’s a lesson and I hurt some bad, and I just need you to listen we was young, and I regret the stuff I did;
You probably wouldn’t understand the person I grew into, It’s been a long time coming, I’m happier than I ever been before, and you need some help, don’t hesitate to hit me up, and if I hit you up its just to see how you been doin’ lately, and I ain’t calling to start a new relation, it’s just been a long time coming, and just remember all the been through its preparin’ us, for what we got comin’.



The top is far, and you’ve been stuck at the bottom far too long;
The light barely shines toward your direction, the hope is weak;
Great ambition, and so many love you, so why are you so weak;
Life passes you by, and you struggle to keep your feet;
No one seems to understand you, and you wonder why it’s like this;
Your just so busy, and there is no time for rest, it makes you weak;
You feel like your fighting a war, but what war are you fighting;
No one seems to understand, nor do you seem to understand life;
It’s a complicated matter, but it tears your soul apart;
Your lost and it’s been years, can’t seem to find yourself;
But this pain feels like infinity.

Come Here Shawty

I wanna see if I can make you reach things unobtainable;
I just want to give you what’s better than better;
Can’t deny that I want you, but I’ll lie if I have too;
We already know girl, we’ve loved and we’ve lost;
Let me peak into your nature, and all I know is;
She’s about to earn some bragging rights tonight;
And all I say is girl, take pride in what you wanna do;
You know I’m here for you, but tonight I could be a memory;
I hate sleeping alone, so girl I’m here if you ever need company;
Set the pace girl, and I’ll adjust to your desires, give me a chance to make you remember me.


Can’t Complain, She Game

Oh, lord I can’t complain, she game;

Yeah, she a school girl, cool girl
She dressin’ sexy, she lookin’ for love
Hangin’ out with them boys and they play you like a fool
Always seein’ you, trying to figure you out
Damn, you look so good, but I see through you
You always thinkin’ about that one dude you caught up in, damn
All those one’s that lied, the ones you let smash
Now you see them all round school, and they won’t look
But why else you think he hit it and forgot about it
That’s cause your mind don’t match your ass
Stop losing your balance, get back up
Then look at the bigger picture, these dudes ain’t shit
They ignoring the finest, with them you a dime
Shit with me you a buck fifty.

Oh, lord I can’t complain, she game.

Faded Memories, The One That Got Away

Yeah, fell in-love awhile back, we were friends before love came around but we knew there was something;

You had your relationships before me, and I had my relationships before you, spent time together before anything actually happened, and I knew you had your falls;

You had your share of spoiled love’s, so did I and we were just waiting for the right moment to fall in-love, and it was coming;

I was just worried it would ruin our friendship, and destroy everything we had because it was something I didn’t want to lose;

It was summer time, it couldn’t be any better, it was so clear, I wanted to stay in this moment forever;

Hope was beginning to rise, your starting to see a real smile, in this moment it seemed like it would not rain;

But everything ended so fast, it was looking like my rise or fall, sunlight faded to clouds;

I know to this day, you don’t believe me baby, and I hate it because it would take a whole lot of medication to realize what we use to have.

Dedicated to sm

25th hour, it’s now or never.

It’s hard in this life sometimes but you’ve got to get your shit together;

I mean this generation is corrupt and we all screw ourselves over;

All I keep hearing is sense sex got easier to get, love got harder to find;

It’s a true fact but then you’ve got to look at yourself, we are the one’s that cause this;

Girl’s say there isn’t any good guys left, but hey, you left them in the friend zone;

I mean it’s hard to commit to something at this age but some people do it;

If your stuck, a lot of other people are too, your not the only one;

Yeah, I like partying and having a good time, but honestly;

I ain’t about a ONE TIME THING, it’s practically pointless;

I am down for a real relationship, you know;

Don’t expect to last forever but atleast for a bit;

Relationship’s now a days, last two weeks if your lucky;

Or they are longer, and your both miserable through out that time;

We all just need to take a step in the right direction, take a glance at the future;

And not let our young minds, run our success in the future, think about it.