Regret it But Don’t Forget it.

Wish you could treat her different but ain’t it late now;
You care about her but why didn’t you show it;
Now you look back and say what was I thinking;
Then you now see she smiling, and you thank god;
You happy for her, but you like damn, wish it was me putting smile on that beautiful face;
Now you just left to reminisce.


18 Years

It has been a long 18 years, and I’ve learned many things;
I’ve had heartaches, heartbreaks, and different girls;
I’ve suffered and I have lived it best I can;
I’ve made mistakes, and regret many things I have done;
But I know it has made me into the person I am today.

I have found that its about living your life day by day;
Not just living for what’s going to happen tomorrow;
And when you get a girl in your life willing to give it all;
You give her the world and don’t ever look back;
And you’ll see she’ll give you the world.

Keep your head high, and move forward;
If people try and bring you down, it only means your above them;
I will now use hate as my motivation, and be happy;
Use my mind as a weapon, and move with aggression.