State Of Mind.

Think you got it all good, next thing you know, your in the slums;
Go ’round like its alright, but feels like a knife in your state of mind;
Hold your head high, even though your mind is all low;
Do what you do to take away your pain, but it always leaves you the same;
Wake up everyday not ready to face the day ahead of you;
Its a sickening fear inside you, that you don’t know how to tell anyone else;
Its darkness wraps around spine, towards your mind, and spreads through you like a disease and leaves you without a state of mind.


Mind Bending

Bending the rules, trying to make this life a real adventure;
Suffering through some hard times but keeping my head on straight;
Seen some bad things, seen some good things, what can I say;
Someday’s bouncing off these walls, can’t control it;
But other days just laying in the bed, looking at the ceiling, just thinking to myself;
Then the bad memory days, thinkin’ what if, but remembering I can’t ever go back;
Thinking of mistakes I’ve made but hey, it makes me who I am today;
Seeing people everyday, wondering what they thinking about, also seeing people so happy, and then I am left wondering how can I be that way;
Never seemed lost until now, but I continue on my way.