Regret it But Don’t Forget it.

Wish you could treat her different but ain’t it late now;
You care about her but why didn’t you show it;
Now you look back and say what was I thinking;
Then you now see she smiling, and you thank god;
You happy for her, but you like damn, wish it was me putting smile on that beautiful face;
Now you just left to reminisce.



Maybe it is all good, maybe it is going bad;
Good days and bad days, but it’s all still so real;
So many memories to learn from, living fast, so I ignore;
Cell phone going ding, ding … I just hit ignore, yeah;
Remembering back in the day, use to all be close;
It all seemed right, now everythings far far away, so lost;
Now it is just forget everything else, live your life;
Shit, now I just sit here and contemplate;
I can’t think, am I doing this for them or me?;
I know it is real, but I’m so gone;
So I contemplate, so I contemplate.

Faded Memories, The One That Got Away

Yeah, fell in-love awhile back, we were friends before love came around but we knew there was something;

You had your relationships before me, and I had my relationships before you, spent time together before anything actually happened, and I knew you had your falls;

You had your share of spoiled love’s, so did I and we were just waiting for the right moment to fall in-love, and it was coming;

I was just worried it would ruin our friendship, and destroy everything we had because it was something I didn’t want to lose;

It was summer time, it couldn’t be any better, it was so clear, I wanted to stay in this moment forever;

Hope was beginning to rise, your starting to see a real smile, in this moment it seemed like it would not rain;

But everything ended so fast, it was looking like my rise or fall, sunlight faded to clouds;

I know to this day, you don’t believe me baby, and I hate it because it would take a whole lot of medication to realize what we use to have.

Dedicated to sm


Dreams have risen, pain has weakened, mistakes have been forgotten;

Dreamtaker has been destroyed, dreammaker has been born;

I’ll put memories away, but I won’t forget what I have learned;

Yes, it’s been far too long, days were just too dark;

Now my voice will be heard, I will no longer be hidden by darkness;

For in the light, I trust that there is a new beginning;

She touched my hand, I felt the tears, held them back so she wouldn’t see my fear;

But for in the moment, I know what mistake I shall never make again;

For I now know, the best time to realize what you have is while you have it, not after.