Who’s Who

Been a rough few years, looked up to God prayed that he remove the enemies from my life;
And before you it, I started losing friends, left and right, it just don’t feel right;
You believe in these people around you, and they succeed an then you just ain’t shit no more;
Then when your falling down there’s no one around, then they still expect everything from you;
Now I just say fuck’em, and think ain’t it funny how shit change around.



Can’t Complain, She Game

Oh, lord I can’t complain, she game;

Yeah, she a school girl, cool girl
She dressin’ sexy, she lookin’ for love
Hangin’ out with them boys and they play you like a fool
Always seein’ you, trying to figure you out
Damn, you look so good, but I see through you
You always thinkin’ about that one dude you caught up in, damn
All those one’s that lied, the ones you let smash
Now you see them all round school, and they won’t look
But why else you think he hit it and forgot about it
That’s cause your mind don’t match your ass
Stop losing your balance, get back up
Then look at the bigger picture, these dudes ain’t shit
They ignoring the finest, with them you a dime
Shit with me you a buck fifty.

Oh, lord I can’t complain, she game.

Time Is Going By

Time is going by so fast, I honestly don’t know why it has to be like this;

Everything’s just passing me by, and I have no chance to learn from anything;

My mind is in so much misery, I just don’t know what to enjoy anymore;

People just keep dissappearing and it’s like all hope is gone;

There ain’t no read leading forward, it’s just a tunnel full of darkness, and I can’t see the exit;

So I keep praying asking God, never leave me alone, but some how I am left crying alone.


Learn From The Past

When things changes, you have to get use to this change, you have to get your mind in the right state;
Believe that everything is going to be okay, don’t let anyone bring you down, smile even though they try to bring you down;
Nothing should matter to you unless it’s your own opinion, your better then anyone else, don’t let anyone make you think different;
There isn’t a point to look into the past, but the only reason to look back at points is to learn about what you did wrong, do right from it.

Dreams Are For Real

Everyone telling me their dreams, and I give them props like they apart of my team;

Respect to all them people following their dreams, going harder and harder everyday to make them come true;

Keep heading up the highest mountain, don’t lose control, just keep your cool;

They ain’t nothing better then true happiness, so keep moving, don’t look back;

You might hit a few obstacles but take your time figure them and move on;

They ain’t nothing like feeling successful and telling everyone you’ve reach your dreams and goals;

Like Tupac said ” Reality is wrong, dreams are for real.




My Battle Cry

I don’t get it, these stars refuse to shine, and I know the best fall down somtimes;

But god, don’t you think I am tired of this? Spendin’ my life away on these pillz doctors givin’ me;

I swear I am wishin’ I can turn back the time now, my head is aching and my stomach in pain;

But real talk, I don’t even think they care, they just makin’ money of a kid that don’t know nothin’ about this pain;

Sometimes I think I’ve lost the battle, and I want to end it all, but I guess I need to bite this bullet, but it was inches from my heart;

This pain sends shivers down my body, and no one understand and I sayin’ why why why;

You see my struggling, but I can’t talk it’s just killing me slowly, my life turn its back on me;

And I just can’t take it now, god got these angelz on my shoulders, so I sitting here lookin’ at the sky;

God can’t you meet me half way?

God, can’t you hear my battle Cry?



Dark Days

These words run through my mind, showing me visions that I just can not make out with these stressed days;

I stay up long hours lookin’ around my dark room, they is no sleeping these days, only darks days;

I just ain’t ready for what’s ahead, I ain’t ready to face all these challenges, when my mind already blowing up;

I can tell yeah, it’s been better these days, but everyday seems to be different, I don’t know what to look for;

I got this girl in my life, she doin’ everything she can, she makes me happy, but when I ain’t with her, it just don’t feel right;

So I miss her day and night, I always tell myself YOU CAN but sometimes my soul is way to weak;

Got this depression wrapping around my spine, and tearing me apart;

So tell me what I should do when these days are dark.