The top is far, and you’ve been stuck at the bottom far too long;
The light barely shines toward your direction, the hope is weak;
Great ambition, and so many love you, so why are you so weak;
Life passes you by, and you struggle to keep your feet;
No one seems to understand you, and you wonder why it’s like this;
Your just so busy, and there is no time for rest, it makes you weak;
You feel like your fighting a war, but what war are you fighting;
No one seems to understand, nor do you seem to understand life;
It’s a complicated matter, but it tears your soul apart;
Your lost and it’s been years, can’t seem to find yourself;
But this pain feels like infinity.


Who’s Who

Been a rough few years, looked up to God prayed that he remove the enemies from my life;
And before you it, I started losing friends, left and right, it just don’t feel right;
You believe in these people around you, and they succeed an then you just ain’t shit no more;
Then when your falling down there’s no one around, then they still expect everything from you;
Now I just say fuck’em, and think ain’t it funny how shit change around.


Old Friends, Old Girls, Old News

Oh, look at this life through clear eyes;
Old friends, old girls, ain’t it old news;
I ain’t even stopping to think, swear its the only thing that saves me these days;
Head out the door, hitting the block heavy, hoping I’m coming home;
Start drinking, then I start reminiscing, ain’t it funny;
Old girls pulling heavy, an I ain’t even trynna holla, damn;
Good guy or bad guy? What do I dare choose.