Got You

Take a look into my eyes, and tell me what you see;
And don’t lie to me, cause ill see it in your eyes;
Don’t read me wrong, cause girl I want to be your man;
Treat you right, see you shine, watch you smile;
Don’t worry girl, I’ll be here for you and watch over you;
Cause baby girl, I just want to see you well off.



First Love

She said I’m sorry I didn’t believe you and I just thought I wouldn’t try an lie to you;
It seems so far lost now, but I try and keep it close;
I think about it and it seems a lot clearer now;
I wish it turned out differently, but there isn’t we can do about it now;
Now I look at us and we both way different now;
It’s crazy how fast stuff changes in life;
And how much you learn and look back and see things differently;
Still love her to death, but I never know where her mind at.

Dream Chasing

Experiencing little kid things, now we growing older and experiencing a little more difficult things;
One thing to another thing, ain’t it something, now it’s time to come up and rise on some things;
Come on, bring out your hopes and dreams, and work to achieve them;
If you ain’t got dreams, you ain’t got nothing;
It’s all ambition, motivation, and dedication;
Focus yourself, and live your life!

Dream’s and Nightmare’s

We come up and we fall down;
Well all have good times and we all have bad times;
Easy things and hard things;
Studying to hustling, crying to smiling, dying to surviving;
It all comes down to your dreams;
Carry yourself toward them, and work hard to achieve them;
Because if you don’t go after what you want, you’ll never have it;
And If you don’t take a step forward, you’ll always be in the same place.


Dreams have risen, pain has weakened, mistakes have been forgotten;

Dreamtaker has been destroyed, dreammaker has been born;

I’ll put memories away, but I won’t forget what I have learned;

Yes, it’s been far too long, days were just too dark;

Now my voice will be heard, I will no longer be hidden by darkness;

For in the light, I trust that there is a new beginning;

She touched my hand, I felt the tears, held them back so she wouldn’t see my fear;

But for in the moment, I know what mistake I shall never make again;

For I now know, the best time to realize what you have is while you have it, not after.


Deep In The Streets.

Looking lean, very clean, stacked up;
Coming home in the morning, girl sitting the all shocked up saying baby, where the hell you been, saying I was being mean, riding through the hood, making it rain;
She smiles, saying that’s my boo, but you see that glance in her eyes, telling you she dying inside;
She love, she die for me, but she killing herself worrying about me, love her too and she my god damn ride and die girl, but hell, why I got to make her die inside;
Saying it’s KiNG from da da block, she saying I want that romantic young boy I fell in love with from da da country;
But I am like damn girl, I love this luxury and us hittin’ club 50k deep, but she saying what happens when our little or boy girl come, what happens to KiNG from da da block, I’m like shit girl, you legit;
She just grab me, whispering boo, I love you even if you deep in the streets, but I want you back in reality, holding it legit;
Then I hit block looking crispy and clean but I am like damn, who am I really, it’s hard when you don’t know who you are, where you going to school, and all else fails except the block you running.

It Needs To Change

I have been pleaing with my battle cry sense 2006, no one ever heard it until about 2009;
At this point my mind was corrupt, didn’t know what was real and what was fake, at points I could get myself through but other then that, I couldn’t feel nothing but pain;
Now I writing my dreams down, my emotions, my thoughts, and everyday struggles;
People tellling me don’t show your emotions, could effect your job life well helll, ain’t this a free country? Judge me on words that saved my life, what has the world come too? So much greed, no more love, come on I wanna see the peace, respect the golden rule people. Now can I ask you something…
So now don’t you see why, I am sending out a battle cry?