State Of Mind.

Think you got it all good, next thing you know, your in the slums;
Go ’round like its alright, but feels like a knife in your state of mind;
Hold your head high, even though your mind is all low;
Do what you do to take away your pain, but it always leaves you the same;
Wake up everyday not ready to face the day ahead of you;
Its a sickening fear inside you, that you don’t know how to tell anyone else;
Its darkness wraps around spine, towards your mind, and spreads through you like a disease and leaves you without a state of mind.



The top is far, and you’ve been stuck at the bottom far too long;
The light barely shines toward your direction, the hope is weak;
Great ambition, and so many love you, so why are you so weak;
Life passes you by, and you struggle to keep your feet;
No one seems to understand you, and you wonder why it’s like this;
Your just so busy, and there is no time for rest, it makes you weak;
You feel like your fighting a war, but what war are you fighting;
No one seems to understand, nor do you seem to understand life;
It’s a complicated matter, but it tears your soul apart;
Your lost and it’s been years, can’t seem to find yourself;
But this pain feels like infinity.

Who’s Who

Been a rough few years, looked up to God prayed that he remove the enemies from my life;
And before you it, I started losing friends, left and right, it just don’t feel right;
You believe in these people around you, and they succeed an then you just ain’t shit no more;
Then when your falling down there’s no one around, then they still expect everything from you;
Now I just say fuck’em, and think ain’t it funny how shit change around.


Dream’s and Nightmare’s

We come up and we fall down;
Well all have good times and we all have bad times;
Easy things and hard things;
Studying to hustling, crying to smiling, dying to surviving;
It all comes down to your dreams;
Carry yourself toward them, and work hard to achieve them;
Because if you don’t go after what you want, you’ll never have it;
And If you don’t take a step forward, you’ll always be in the same place.


Maybe it is all good, maybe it is going bad;
Good days and bad days, but it’s all still so real;
So many memories to learn from, living fast, so I ignore;
Cell phone going ding, ding … I just hit ignore, yeah;
Remembering back in the day, use to all be close;
It all seemed right, now everythings far far away, so lost;
Now it is just forget everything else, live your life;
Shit, now I just sit here and contemplate;
I can’t think, am I doing this for them or me?;
I know it is real, but I’m so gone;
So I contemplate, so I contemplate.

Faded Memories, The One That Got Away

Yeah, fell in-love awhile back, we were friends before love came around but we knew there was something;

You had your relationships before me, and I had my relationships before you, spent time together before anything actually happened, and I knew you had your falls;

You had your share of spoiled love’s, so did I and we were just waiting for the right moment to fall in-love, and it was coming;

I was just worried it would ruin our friendship, and destroy everything we had because it was something I didn’t want to lose;

It was summer time, it couldn’t be any better, it was so clear, I wanted to stay in this moment forever;

Hope was beginning to rise, your starting to see a real smile, in this moment it seemed like it would not rain;

But everything ended so fast, it was looking like my rise or fall, sunlight faded to clouds;

I know to this day, you don’t believe me baby, and I hate it because it would take a whole lot of medication to realize what we use to have.

Dedicated to sm

I’ll continue.

Depression suffocates the soul, and blinds the mind;

I am who I am, and if no one can accept the fact, they aren’t worth it;

I have tried , and I have tried to make people happy;

I never seem to be good enough, even though my heart keeps trying;

Broken heart and weakened trust, I’ll still continue on my way;

I’ll find that person I can call my wonder wall one day;

For now it’s finding out who I am, and then sharing it with a loved one;

Mistakes are mistakes, tears are tears, first loves are first loves;

It’s all about taking your time, finding that person who takes your breath away;

Even though these past things people have said, they keep running through my head;

It’s time to put up that wall, and move on, live your life to the fullest;

They told me I wouldn’t be able to do it, be here I am, and I’ll continue.