First Love

She said I’m sorry I didn’t believe you and I just thought I wouldn’t try an lie to you;
It seems so far lost now, but I try and keep it close;
I think about it and it seems a lot clearer now;
I wish it turned out differently, but there isn’t we can do about it now;
Now I look at us and we both way different now;
It’s crazy how fast stuff changes in life;
And how much you learn and look back and see things differently;
Still love her to death, but I never know where her mind at.


Dream Chasing

Experiencing little kid things, now we growing older and experiencing a little more difficult things;
One thing to another thing, ain’t it something, now it’s time to come up and rise on some things;
Come on, bring out your hopes and dreams, and work to achieve them;
If you ain’t got dreams, you ain’t got nothing;
It’s all ambition, motivation, and dedication;
Focus yourself, and live your life!

Dream’s and Nightmare’s

We come up and we fall down;
Well all have good times and we all have bad times;
Easy things and hard things;
Studying to hustling, crying to smiling, dying to surviving;
It all comes down to your dreams;
Carry yourself toward them, and work hard to achieve them;
Because if you don’t go after what you want, you’ll never have it;
And If you don’t take a step forward, you’ll always be in the same place.

Old Friends, Old Girls, Old News

Oh, look at this life through clear eyes;
Old friends, old girls, ain’t it old news;
I ain’t even stopping to think, swear its the only thing that saves me these days;
Head out the door, hitting the block heavy, hoping I’m coming home;
Start drinking, then I start reminiscing, ain’t it funny;
Old girls pulling heavy, an I ain’t even trynna holla, damn;
Good guy or bad guy? What do I dare choose.


Maybe it is all good, maybe it is going bad;
Good days and bad days, but it’s all still so real;
So many memories to learn from, living fast, so I ignore;
Cell phone going ding, ding … I just hit ignore, yeah;
Remembering back in the day, use to all be close;
It all seemed right, now everythings far far away, so lost;
Now it is just forget everything else, live your life;
Shit, now I just sit here and contemplate;
I can’t think, am I doing this for them or me?;
I know it is real, but I’m so gone;
So I contemplate, so I contemplate.

Can’t Complain, She Game

Oh, lord I can’t complain, she game;

Yeah, she a school girl, cool girl
She dressin’ sexy, she lookin’ for love
Hangin’ out with them boys and they play you like a fool
Always seein’ you, trying to figure you out
Damn, you look so good, but I see through you
You always thinkin’ about that one dude you caught up in, damn
All those one’s that lied, the ones you let smash
Now you see them all round school, and they won’t look
But why else you think he hit it and forgot about it
That’s cause your mind don’t match your ass
Stop losing your balance, get back up
Then look at the bigger picture, these dudes ain’t shit
They ignoring the finest, with them you a dime
Shit with me you a buck fifty.

Oh, lord I can’t complain, she game.

18 Years

It has been a long 18 years, and I’ve learned many things;
I’ve had heartaches, heartbreaks, and different girls;
I’ve suffered and I have lived it best I can;
I’ve made mistakes, and regret many things I have done;
But I know it has made me into the person I am today.

I have found that its about living your life day by day;
Not just living for what’s going to happen tomorrow;
And when you get a girl in your life willing to give it all;
You give her the world and don’t ever look back;
And you’ll see she’ll give you the world.

Keep your head high, and move forward;
If people try and bring you down, it only means your above them;
I will now use hate as my motivation, and be happy;
Use my mind as a weapon, and move with aggression.