I’ll continue.

Depression suffocates the soul, and blinds the mind;

I am who I am, and if no one can accept the fact, they aren’t worth it;

I have tried , and I have tried to make people happy;

I never seem to be good enough, even though my heart keeps trying;

Broken heart and weakened trust, I’ll still continue on my way;

I’ll find that person I can call my wonder wall one day;

For now it’s finding out who I am, and then sharing it with a loved one;

Mistakes are mistakes, tears are tears, first loves are first loves;

It’s all about taking your time, finding that person who takes your breath away;

Even though these past things people have said, they keep running through my head;

It’s time to put up that wall, and move on, live your life to the fullest;

They told me I wouldn’t be able to do it, be here I am, and I’ll continue.



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