25th hour, it’s now or never.

It’s hard in this life sometimes but you’ve got to get your shit together;

I mean this generation is corrupt and we all screw ourselves over;

All I keep hearing is sense sex got easier to get, love got harder to find;

It’s a true fact but then you’ve got to look at yourself, we are the one’s that cause this;

Girl’s say there isn’t any good guys left, but hey, you left them in the friend zone;

I mean it’s hard to commit to something at this age but some people do it;

If your stuck, a lot of other people are too, your not the only one;

Yeah, I like partying and having a good time, but honestly;

I ain’t about a ONE TIME THING, it’s practically pointless;

I am down for a real relationship, you know;

Don’t expect to last forever but atleast for a bit;

Relationship’s now a days, last two weeks if your lucky;

Or they are longer, and your both miserable through out that time;

We all just need to take a step in the right direction, take a glance at the future;

And not let our young minds, run our success in the future, think about it.


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