God Help Us.

Let’s just think for a minute, what is this world we live in;
We got people in rags and living in boxes, thankful for everything they have;
Then we got rich people that got everything, but they still like I want this, I want that;
Then we got people working at shelter homes, been doing it their whole life, and they get no respect;
Then you get a Celebrity that donates some money, and everyone’s all happy, but they just write it off in their taxes;
We think about 3rd world countries and all, and I am happy about that, but what about all the homeless in our streets;
You see people driving around in Hybrids saying I am helping the world, then you see a coffee cup get thrown out their window;
Then you got all these Animal Breeder’s saying they legit, and they animal lovers, then you see the animal’s and it’s like they went through a war zone;
I always believe everyone deserves a fair shot a life so when then these criminal’s get a chance, and then they blow it, and I don’t think taxes should be going to them getting food, shelter, and a university or college degree, when the legit people can barely pay for their own stuff, and the government don’t even pay attention;
Then we got cops devoting to the city, doing oath’s but they just bad as the crooks and we got judges not putting people where they belong, just because they getting paid big money to not do the right thing, I thought they swore they’d follow the law, and do stuff based on evidence;
Then we got the hard workers, working long days, almost everyday just so they can feed there family, now that’s really workers but they working low in-come jobs because they never recognized;
Then we got the government workers, getting paid big money from our own people, then they taking sick days whenever they please and they ain’t even sick, come on now that ain’t fair to the hard workers that can’t take a day off unless they in the hospital;
Teachers just handing kids texts books, instead of teaching classes, no wonder kids coming out dumb;
Instead of the man to man fights, it’s a crowd verse one lonely soul;
Guys just using girls for what they want, what happened to romance and being a gentlemen;
Girls dressing like they from a pimp house, come on respect yourself;
Girls aborting there baby, just ain’t ready for commitment, well come protect yourself, be safe cause you just ended a beautiful life;
Rich and beautiful minds, unheard because people just judging and bullying, so they don’t want to put their opinion out there;
Then we got kids bullying people until they commit suicide, where are the people to stop this;
Then kids getting more corrupt because they being allowed into clubs and they only 14 or 15, like come on, buff up precaution’s, and parents get some control;
Then we got scientists making atomic weapons to blow up other countries, like dude, it’ll blow up the world, not the country so why make it;
Then people make mistakes, and they honestly don’t mean too but we just terminate there career, but honestly life’s about making mistakes and learning from them;
Then we got the government making stupid laws, when they should be making legit laws, or focusing on the economy;
Mental illness effecting youth more then ever, but doctors just handing out pills like candy;
We got father’s beating and raping they kids, like come on, how low can you go;
Murders left and right, like come on we all people, can’t we get along;
Government’s starting conspiracy’s just cause us all citizen’s are vulnerable and trust our government, when our government’s just plain corrupt;
Then we go to church and we got priest’s touching kids, like they must be the devil’s children;
Then we got War Lord’s treating they people like shit, no wonder the people are living in 3rd World country’s;
Let’s all think about this, and ask God, to help us because we are going to destroy our own world.


One thought on “God Help Us.

  1. Money. You can’t eat it but everybody craves it. Get rid of money.

    The commercial value of labour. Everybody thinks in those terms. So once we have got rid of money let’s get rid of that idea and start thinking of the social value of work. Let’s not substitute barter for pieces of paper and metal, let’s work instead for the value of our work to our neighbours and for everyone’s respect, including our own. Be a shoemaker so that people can eat; be a baker so that people can be shod; be a singer, a dancer, a storyteller for the sheer joy of it.

    The state. The smallest political entity in which the political class is interested. The state oppresses its citizens whilst telling them they’re free. Abolish the state, set up local communities, each run by open assemblies of their inhabitants, each one cooperating with the next.

    National borders. Rivers and mountain ranges laugh at them. The weather laughs at them. Migrating birds laugh at them. Why do we see them as God-given? Abolish national borders and let your local community recognise the next local community even if it used to be the other side of a line on a map.

    The world is ours. We are the world’s. Occupy everywhere.

    *Steps off soapbox.

    Marie Marshall

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