Dark Days

These words run through my mind, showing me visions that I just can not make out with these stressed days;

I stay up long hours lookin’ around my dark room, they is no sleeping these days, only darks days;

I just ain’t ready for what’s ahead, I ain’t ready to face all these challenges, when my mind already blowing up;

I can tell yeah, it’s been better these days, but everyday seems to be different, I don’t know what to look for;

I got this girl in my life, she doin’ everything she can, she makes me happy, but when I ain’t with her, it just don’t feel right;

So I miss her day and night, I always tell myself YOU CAN but sometimes my soul is way to weak;

Got this depression wrapping around my spine, and tearing me apart;

So tell me what I should do when these days are dark.


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