My Battle Cry

I don’t get it, these stars refuse to shine, and I know the best fall down somtimes;

But god, don’t you think I am tired of this? Spendin’ my life away on these pillz doctors givin’ me;

I swear I am wishin’ I can turn back the time now, my head is aching and my stomach in pain;

But real talk, I don’t even think they care, they just makin’ money of a kid that don’t know nothin’ about this pain;

Sometimes I think I’ve lost the battle, and I want to end it all, but I guess I need to bite this bullet, but it was inches from my heart;

This pain sends shivers down my body, and no one understand and I sayin’ why why why;

You see my struggling, but I can’t talk it’s just killing me slowly, my life turn its back on me;

And I just can’t take it now, god got these angelz on my shoulders, so I sitting here lookin’ at the sky;

God can’t you meet me half way?

God, can’t you hear my battle Cry?




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