You hear me

Where is this going, Where is this heading, always so curious, I am;

Always stuck in the past, afraid of what’s ahead, even though I on the streets, riskin’ my dreams;

I ain’t about to back down, but come on, I didn’t know life was suppose to be like this;

I ain’t up for sleeping through this pain, nawh man, no more.

I pushing myself to the limit, it got me stressing out of my mind, this shit just ain’t me;

I know sometimes its suppose to rain, but I can’t sleep through the pain;

I am wasting my life away with pills, come on doc, you better then that;

I ain’t doubtin’ myself, or anyone else;

But I ain’t up for this pain no more, I will catch my moment, and then I be laughin at this crazy struggle;

But I hope that clock don’t break, cause I ain’t ready to go, but sometimes I don’t know what I am livin’ for, you hear me.


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