Drugs or Life?

This is a shout out to all the people with a druggie in their life;

Maybe you got a brother, mother, father, sister, or a bestfriend into this fiending habit;

They always going on about how good it makes them feel, and it takes away the pain but come on does it really;

Your throwin’ your life away, over some devilish habit, that shit just ain’t cool, you’ve got more potential then that.

So homies pick up your game, become better then the rest, but keep it real;

Remember the number one rule, family before the streets. Gotta make sure your family eat.


One thought on “Drugs or Life?

  1. Dude, good words. My stepdad was an on-and-off recovering (functioning) drug addict for years before dying, quite unexpectedly, of an overdose. My littlest brother was 3, my biggest little brother was 8, and it ruined their lives. More people need to get this message.

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