Beautiful, no matter what.

Girl, you gettin’ ready, spendin’ hours gettin’ ready, puttin’ the make up on;

Tryin’ on clothes to see what looks the best, they ain’t nothin’ wrong with that;

But I am here to remind you girl, you can put that hair up, throw on those sweats and a t-shirt, and i’ll still be sayin’ hey, girl you lookin’ fine today.

Don’t worry ’bout your looks ladies, its about that beautiful personality;

Always be you, not something someone wants you to be;

Cause come on, that shit fake;

A man don’t accept, tell’em respect me or Imma gonna chuck you out the door hunny.

Shout out for all the girls out there. Cheers.


One thought on “Beautiful, no matter what.

  1. loooooooooove it!!! obviously coz im a girl.. its great!!! most of us never realize how beautiful we are and we always try to change ourselves for the men in our lives… this poem is well put Eric.. 🙂

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